Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love You

We have been trying to get Connor to say I love you for a little while now. The other night as I was getting ready to put him to bed, I told him to tell daddy night night, which he did, and I told him to say I love you, and he did! It was so cute, and tonight we got it on video.

Other things we have been up to since I last posted.....We celebrated the 4th of July and my mom's birthday at our house. We had my mom, grandma, Connie, and Kerry and Christina over for a BBQ, and we shot off a few fireworks. Connor did really well with the fireworks. He's early to bed though, so he didn't stay up for the big stuff and we didn't make it to any fireworks displays, but he enjoyed fountains and jumping jacks. We did make it to the Sugar Creek 4th of July parade, and Connor loved it. He thought it was pretty cool that everyone was throwing candy at him and he loved the firetrucks.

This past Sunday, we went down to see Great Grandma with my dad. She was so excited to see him and she called my dad the next day and said how much she enjoyed our visit and how cute and sweet she thought Connor was. We also stopped by the store and saw Beverly and Buzz and they were happy to see him as well. Our last stop before we headed home was Gordon's Orchard where we picked up some delicious peaches.

Other than that, Connor has just been up to the normal toddler stuff; being cute and testing his boundaries everyday. Here are a few recent pics.


Making dinner at Aunt Anna's house

Playing Rock Band at Uncle Kerry's
Showing off his beautiful blue eyes