Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bunny Whispers

Tonight, I stepped out on the back deck at dusk to water the flowers, when I saw a couple of bunny rabbits hanging out in our yard. Connor was just inside the door, drawing on his magna doodle, so I whispered to him to come outside to see the bunnies. I told him to be quiet so they don't hop off.

He came outside with his magna doodle and sat down in his little chair and watched the rabbits. All the while, doing a very good job of whispering, talking about the bunnies and still drawing away. I sat down next to him and we whispered about the bunnies and what they were doing.

Then he whispered about what he was drawing. "I'm drawing a little boy. His name is Connor Vincent. There are his legs, and his eyes and his nose." He was saying all of this in a perfect whisper. I was impressed because usually it's hard to get a kid to whisper. He was being so cute, being quiet so he wouldn't scare the bunnies.

We were pretty impressed with the drawing too, so I took a picture of it. While I was inside taking a picture, Vinnie was out with Connor talking about the bunnies. Vinnie told him to tell the bunnies to hop. So Connor said in the littlest whisper, "hop." Vinnie said, "you can say it louder than that." So Connor said in a louder whisper, "hop!" Vinnie still urging him to say it louder, "HOP!" in an even louder whisper. Finally Vinnie told him he didn't have to whisper anymore, and Connor yelled hop. The bunnies hopped off after that.