Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have the world's pickiest kid. When he was younger, he ate a few fruits and vegetables. He liked green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, apple sauce and bananas. He LOVED bananas. He would have ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we had let him. But my picky kid has turned even pickier over that past year and a half.

One thing that he continued to like was applesauce. Until about 3 weeks ago when he decided he doesn't like applesauce. I thought, oh great now my kid doesn't eat any fruits or vegetables, unless you count ketchup.

I was fixing dinner tonight, and Connor came into the kitchen and said he wanted applesauce. I promptly got some out, before he could change his mind and he got up in his chair and started scarfing it down. I was doing a little victory dance in the kitchen while he was eating. When he was done with his applesauce, he asked for another cup. Yay! He likes applesauce again!

He was also very complimentary of the dinner I made. "This is good macaroni mom." and "Yummy fish sticks mom."

So I said, " Well if I'm such a good cook, maybe you should try your broccoli. Maybe you'll like it too."

To which he gave me the stink eye. Here's to hoping that he'll come around on the broccoli someday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mama Snowman

Connor built his first snowman yesterday. He named him Frosty, but also called it Mama Snowman. I guess because he is wearing my scarf. He said he wants to build a Daddy Snowman and a Connor Snowman too. I don't think we will be making it outside to play in the snow today though. It's only 18 degrees out right now. Yesterday it was a balmy 35, which it why we made it out to play in the snow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Connor's House

What's better than a new car seat? The box it came in of course! I ordered a new car seat last week, because I got a great deal on a Britax, which is the Cadillac of car seats. I've wanted to replace the car seat in Vinnie's car for a while, because the straps twist all the time and it's really hard to tighten the straps. I just didn't feel like it was very safe, so I was delighted when I found such a great deal on a Britax, which is one of the safest car seats out there.

Ok, I'm done boring you with car seat talk. Onto the more exciting part of this post. The box, or "Connor's house" as he likes to call it. No sooner than I had the car seat out of the box, Connor was inside the box. Then he scurried off to his room, and returned with his Buzz blanket, then back to his room, and returned with is pillow. Each time he ran to his room, he came back with something new to furnish his house.

Here is the exterior of the home

Connor doing some interior decorating

The interior

Enjoying his work hard work on his new home

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Donut Holes

This morning we went and grabbed some donuts for breakfast. Connor couldn't eat them fast enough, so he kept asking for more and more. Vinnie asked him how many he wanted and he said he wanted allll of them. It's so cute the way he says allll of them, I had to get it on video. He was being even cuter before I got the camera out, because he was stretching his arms out when he said it. Vinnie was trying to get him to do it again in the video, but he wouldn't. It's still cute though!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Domino Effect

One of the best things about being a mom, is rediscovering what was fun to you as a kid. Tonight when I picked up Connor from daycare, the kids were all coloring. Connor started looking at a Robots book and wanted to color a picture. Nicole was nice enough to let us tear out a few pages to bring home.

One of the pages he chose was from a scene where they set up dominoes to form a picture and watch them fall down in a chain reaction. You know, the domino effect! Why haven't I thought of showing Connor this before? I had forgotten how fun it is to set up dominoes and knock them down. Ok, so maybe I'm too easily amused. I'm a dork.

Anyway, I knew Connor would have fun with it, so I got the dominoes out when we got home and we set them up. We'd get about 15 or so up before one of us would accidentally knock them down. I was impressed with how well Connor was doing setting them up. He has such good hand-eye coordination. He was having so much fun with it. He would get several set up and then jump over them, and jump up and down next to them to see if they would fall down.

After our domino extravaganza we watched Robots, ate pizza and he colored his pictures. And of course no Robot viewing is complete without a Robot Dance Party at the end. There is a musical number at the end of the movie that Connor always dances too, and it is hilarious to watch him. I got it on video a few months ago, but I think he out did himself tonight. I was cracking up.

Here is the link to the video I took of him a few months ago, doing the "Robot Dance."

So, I have enjoyed my Friday night with my boy. Dinner, movie, dancing, played a game of dominoes. Yep, Friday nights are another thing that change with motherhood, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Face Lift

Like the new design? Isn't it pretty? The other night, after I made my first post in 4 months, I was bothered by the fact that I still had a fallish background. I scoured the internet for hours and hours to find the perfect background. Not really. I found this one in 5 minutes. But then my old font colors did not match my new background's colors.

I fiddled with blogspot for 30 min or so, trying to figure out how to change the font color. I couldn't remember from the last time I changed it, since I only blog every 5 months or so. Finally, I said eff it and went to bed.

I tackled it again last night, and I discovered templates! After you find a background you like, you can go to templates and it will slightly alter the appearance and layout and THAT is where you change the font color. Duh! I like how it has borders around each post and borders around the pictures. It makes it look more appealing and inviting. Not just words and pictures on a screen. Anyways I had fun messing around with it last night and I think I am satisfied with it, for now!

Ok, must go for now. Connor and I are going to make a marshmallow snowman from notimeforflashcards.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My baby is turning into such a sweet kid!

I can't believe my baby is 3 already! Actually he turned 3 almost 3 weeks ago. I know, I am really bad at this blogging thing. Connor is always saying and doing cute and funny things, and I say to myself, "oh I should put that on my blog" and then I never do.

He is such a funny, happy-go-lucky kid. Vinnie and I really lucked out. He amazes us and makes us laugh and warms our hearts everyday. I keep waiting for the so called "terrible twos" or some people say "terrible threes" and that they are worse at 3. Not waiting like, oh I am so excited, I can hardly wait! More like, oh yikes, are the trying times just around the corner? Maybe we will luck out and he will always be easy to raise. Although if he is going to give us hell, I'd rather it be now, than in his teenage years.

Anyways, with this New Year, I will try to update more. Even if it is just a few sentences about something cute he did, because really that is what this blog is for, so I can look back and remember all the cute stuff he did that I might otherwise forget.

So, what cute story will I leave you with tonight? Well, lately Connor and Batta (our cat) have been bonding. Some of you that have been to my house are thinking, you have a cat? Yep! You never see him though because he is painfully shy. The only people he comes out for are my Mom, my friend Sarah, and just recently my Grandma. He is so painfully shy that it has taken him 3 years to realize that Connor isn't that bad and that if he hangs around long enough he will actually get quite a bit of attention from Connor.

Batta used to run off when Connor would get about 2 feet from him. Lately though he has been letting Connor pet him and talk to him. Connor likes to share his toys with Batta. He will line his cars up next to him and say, "here Batta!" The other night he tried to share his pretzels with him. Tonight after petting Batta, Connor goes, "Batta is my bud! He's really cute!"

I love that kid! He's such a sweetheart!

We also enjoyed some time out in the snow today. Here are a few pics!