Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A is for Alligator

We did our first No Time for Flash Cards activity tonight. What better way to start out, than with the first letter of the alphabet. We made an alligator face in the shape of an A. I wish I would have had the video camera going when I brought the craft box out because Connor let out a big gasp, did a little jig, and got such an excited look on his face when he saw all the markers, and paper. He was also excited about the pom poms and wanted to give one to Batta (our cat) to play with.

Here is a little glimpse of his excitement.

I drew out the letter A, then let Connor have at it and color away.

And boy, did he color. I was barely able to see the A anymore well enough to cut it out.

He put the teeth on all by himself

And the eyeballs...

He was so proud to show his work off to Daddy

We had so much fun working on our project. I can't wait to try more. Maybe we will break out the paints this weekend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

uh oh...

The other night the 3 of us were hanging out on the floor, coloring and playing. When Vinnie went to stand up, he farted. Connor got a worried look on his face and said, "uh oh, Daddy poop!"

Nice for the first post in 3 and a half months, huh? Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog. It's hard to find time to blog, but I will try to do a better job.

So the last 3 1/2 months in a nutshell; Connor had a great 2nd birthday and Christmas. He got lots and lots of fun toys. We converted his crib to a toddler bed and he loves it. He has done really well with the transition. We got to see Buzz and Woody at the Disney Rockin' Road Show, and Connor was mesmerized throughout the show. Connor has had a lot of ear infections so we got ear tubes put in and he seems to be doing well with those so far. It looks like they will be put to the test. He just came down with a cold, so we will see if his cold turns into an ear infection.

So those are the big things that Connor has been up to since I last updated. I will try to update more often so I can tell funny stories like the "Daddy poop" story. We are looking forward to nice weather so we can get outside and play. It has been a long cold Winter, and even though the calendar says it is Spring, right now I am looking outside at several inches of snow on the ground.

The other thing that I am excited about, is I found a cool website that has some great learning and craft ideas. It's called No Time for Flashcards. I just got home from Target just where I was able to find everything on the basic supply list to get started on all the crafts! I'm so excited! Connor loves to color so I think he will enjoy making all these crafts, and he will be learning at the same time. The only thing is, he doesn't like getting his hands dirty (silly kid) so he isn't a big fan of finger painting. We'll have to work on getting him over that.

I'll leave you with a few recent pics. These were taken on one of the only nice weather days we've had recently. Hopefully we will have more soon!