Monday, September 6, 2010

Apple Orchard

With fall fast approaching I thought it would be fun to take Connor to an apple orchard today. I did a little google search and found Alldredge Orchards in Platte City. To get Connor excited for the apple orchard we made an apple tree picture yesterday.

This morning we headed north to Platte City to check out the apple orchard. When we got there the owners told us there were a few Gala apples left to be picked and lots of Empire. We love Galas so off we went to search for the sweet crisp apples.

It was a challenge to find some good ones, because they were over picked. With a husband over 6 feet tall and an apple picker, Vinnie was able to reach to the top of the trees and we were able to find some good ones. Connor enjoyed watching the chickens peck at the apples and chasing them around the orchard. He even picked a few apples for the chickens.

After we paid for our apples we went to the bakery where Vinnie almost took down a poor old man down for the last apple crisp. We decided to let the old man have the apple crisp and we settled for an apple pie. Then we ordered lunch, which of course came with an apple as a side. Connor got mad when Vinnie was eating his apple though and said, "no, that's for the chickens!" We assured him that the chickens have plenty of apples to eat and that we can enjoy these. We also purchased some pumpkin bread and apple butter at the bakery. We haven't tried those yet, but we did try the apple pie that we settled for. It was delicious! We plan to go back in October when they will have a pumpkin patch. This time we will pre-order our apple crisp and we might pick up another delicious apple pie.