Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Challenge

Get ready for 30 days of pictures because I am entering a photo challenge! This is going to be fun and hopefully I will gain some creativity and photography skills along the way! I was invited to join by a friend from a chat forum I belong to. She has the challenge set up through her photo blog. I'm also looking forward to seeing the pictures that other people come up with. Today is day 1, and each day we are given a different topic.

Today's challenge is to take a self portrait. Now, I take a lot of self portraits, especially since I recently got a new point and shoot. If anyone has taken a look at my facebook pictures in the past few months, you will see a plethora of self portraits taken in Jamaica. I wanted to be a little more creative with this one though. I actually took a few different routes on this challenge, and as I write this post, I'm still not quite sure which one I will share on the photo blog. I will post several of them on there though...

These are all taken using the self timer. Some were taken with my Canon Rebel xsi, the others were taken with my Canon powershot.

The first ones were taken with my Rebel. I just sat the camera on a small table, set the timer, hit the shutter, and ran and jumped in the swing! Surprisingly I was in focus in a few of them.

The rest of these were taken with the Powershot. Self portrait of Mommy and Connor.

Me reading Connor a bedtime story. He chose an Easter book!

After I put Connor to bed, I attempted to take a self portrait of Batta and I, but every time I put my face next to his, he licked me. He likes to lick. Here he is getting a mouth full of hair. Lovely!

And last but not least, I found this one as I was uploading tonight's pictures. This one was taken of me and Connor at the swimming pool. Sometimes when I take self portraits, I forget that the camera was zoomed in! There is something I like about this one though.

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  1. LOVE this, Kelly! I am CRACKING up at the photo of you and your cat, and also I am DYING that you titled your link "selfie." DYING. lol