Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6: Something from a Low Angle

The transformation of Connor's room continues.  After we set up Connor's new bed this weekend, we  moved some stuff around.  I  then decided I wanted to organize his toys and make his play area look more tidy.  Before, it was kind of cluttered and we used several unsightly containers to hold his toys.

I already had the closet cubes and storage bins in mind.  When I went to pick Connor up at school today, his teacher had these adorable animal bins.  I asked her where she got them, and low and behold, she got them from Target!  My second home.  Not only that, but she also said the closet cubes were on sale.  It was meant to be.  I said, "Connor, we're going to Target!"  It doesn't help that his teacher lives right by Target.  That definitely has not been a help to my Target addiction.

Anyways, Connor and I went to Target and purchased the closet cube and bins.  We put it all together tonight, and organized his toys.  I am very please with how every thing turned out.  Buzz and Woody, of course have a spot on top of the shelf.  

getting ready for bedtime

Silly boy!

All the boxes I was able to get out of his room.  Aren't the bins much cuter?

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